• 1742

    The company was founded by High Bridge in New Jersey by William Allen and Joseph Turner.

  • 1775

    Build shells for George Washington's Continental Army.

  • 1803

    Robert Taylor, an Irish immigrant who became the factory manager in 1769, bought the company and became the Taylor Ironworks.

  • 1851

    The Taylor Iron Works mainly produces manganese steel rails and train wheels for the westward movement of the United States from New Jersey to Pennsylvania.

  • 1854

    Pioneered a new forging process in North America.

  • 1912

    After Taylor Steel acquired William Wharton Co., it became Taylor-Wharton Steel.

  • 1925

    In response to the large demand for industrial oxygen in the United States, liquid oxygen storage and transportation processes have been developed.

  • 1957

    The continued demand for liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen gave birth to the first insulated liquefied gas cylinder.

  • 1960s

    Taylor-Wharton provided gas cylinders for the Apollo project, which successfully sent humans to the moon and returned to Earth successfully.

  • 1997

    Taylor-Wharton established a Sino-US joint venture plant in Beijing to introduce cryogenic equipment technology to China.

  • 2007

    Beijing Tailai Walton Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd. Xianghe Branch officially opened.

  • 2016

    Beijing Tailaihuadun was acquired by Bazhou Kaihongsheng, became an international brand national enterprise, and established a Bazhou manufacturing base.

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